Winter Sports - WS9 - Parc National du Mont Tremblant - changed from Far Hills Saturday 2nd March 2024

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Destination change from Far Hills to Parc National du Mont Tremblant

Date - Saturday 2 March 2024

Destination - Parc National du Mont Tremblant (secteur La Diable)

The destination has been changed from Far Hills to Parc National du Mont Tremblant (secteur La Diable), It offers the best combination of trail and weather conditions for tomorrow’s trip. However not all the difficult ski trails will be open. Check the center's website ( for more details.

The day will finish with a pub stop at the Brasserie les 2 Richard in Ste. Agathe to celebrate another successful winter season with Randonnée Aventure.

Levels : E M D / E : Easy M : Moderate D : Difficult S : Skate Skiing

Ski - As of 2024-03-01 - 27/55 kms open. Old damp snow (Mechanically conditioned).

The Poète, Falaises and exceptionally Boucle-des-Chutes-Croches ski trails were groomed and tracked during the night of February 29 to March 1. Be careful on trails, rapid descents, possibly icy.

For safety reasons, due to the formation of ice and crevasses, the Lac-Poisson, Bois-Franc, Renardière, Lièvre, Piste-du-Loup, Malard and Ours trails remain closed.

Snowshoe - As of 2024-03-01- The snowshoe trails are all open. Old damp snow (Icy crust); Crampons are more than necessary.

Notes - Still room on the bus - so buy your seat online before Wed 9 pm or just show up at the last pick-up point on Saturday for a wonderful day at this great destination.

For more information:

Contact us: eMail: Randonnee Aventure Winter Sports <ac.eennodnar|stropsretniw#ac.eennodnar|stropsretniw>

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